Disability Information Student Handbook

Section Two: Using Disability Services and Accommodations
General Accommodations

Registration Assistance

Registration assistance may involve:

  • class schedule planning and modification to
    •  develop an educational plan
    • adjust that plan to meet your disability-related needs
  • training to gain proficiency in using the De Anza College Portal Registration System
  • authorization to enroll in classes early, including on a specified Priority Registration Day
    • to meet disability-related needs
    • allow time for arranging accommodations
  • registration assistance to complete course enrollment for those whose disability precludes or make onerous the use of the De Anza Portal Registration system

Before a course registration appointment, it is best to have developed an education plan with a list of courses needed to meet that goal.  If you need assistance to develop such a plan, please make an appointment early in the quarter, before the busy registration period, with a DSS counselor or a LD Specialist or a counselor in the Counseling Center.

Steps to obtain registration assistance through Disability Support Services:
  1. Current disability documentation may be required at some point in the process.
  2. Students new to the program
    • receive assistance to select classes and
    • any necessary assistance to register for those courses.  Depending on their situation, students complete course registration either
      • during their intake appointment.
      • at a 2nd appointment, at a later date, made at the end of their initial intake appointment 
      • using the on-line De Anza Registration Portal on a Priority Registration Day
  3. Continuing DSS students call the DSS secretary to schedule a Priority Registration planning appointment to
    • develop the course schedule for the upcoming quarter
    • receive authorization to register on Priority Registration Day.
  4. Students must complete the required college placement tests to enroll in English or math.
    • Contact DSS is you need test accommodations for these. 
    • Otherwise, check Placement web site at www.deanza.edu/admissions/placement for times and locations of these tests.
  5. Bring the following to a registration appointment with a DSS counselor or a LD Specialist
    • the educational plan
    • a rehabiliation plan, if applicalbe
    • a list of proposed course sections for enrollment
  6. Fees must be paid at the Cashier’s Office or on-line using current college guidelines.


  1. To receive authorizaiton to enroll on Priority Registration Day, or to receive registration assistance, students must have completed:
    • the disability documentation process
    • the initial intake process, if a new student
    • the yearly update of the Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) with the DSS counselor or LD Specialist, if a continuing student
    • a Registration Planning Meeting with their DSS counselor or LD Specialist.
  2. Students need to develop proficiency using the De Anza College Portal Registration System to complete their enrollment on-line.
    • Workshop trainings are held quarterly 
    • Dates and times are announced
      • by email to students
      • on flyers posted in the DSS office
      • on-line on the DSS website.
  3. Early registration dates and information is sent to students
    • by e-mail
    • posted on the program websites 
    • If notification is not recieved, it is the student's responsibility to check for updated information on line or with the programs.
  4. Enrollment may not be assured if a student
    • has not met course prerequisites,
    • paid not paid fees
    • has holds on their record
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm their completed enrollment.



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