Disability Information Student Handbook

Section One: Coming To De Anza College

Placement Testing

Placement testing, also called advisory assessment, helps you identify your skill levels in English, math and science. This information is a critical key to selecting the correct classes and for planning your program to receive a certificate, degree or to transfer to a university.

It is strongly recommended that you complete these tests prior to starting classes or as early as possible in your De Anza career, as advised by your Disability Support Services (DSS) counselor or LD Specialist.

Before students can enroll in courses in math, English or English as a Second Language. they must take placement tests or provide proof of applicable skill levels, in most cases by documenting  the completion of prior college-level course work.  Certain advanced science courses such as Chemistry 1A or Biology 6A also require clearance by testing or authorization from the Assessment Center.

Additional specifics on placement testing for students with disabilities can be found at http://www.deanza.edu/dss/apply/placement.html.  For details on placing into courses, including dates and locations of tests, you can visit placement testing at http://www.deanza.edu/admissions/placement  or ask a Counseling Center counselor, a DSS counselor, or an LD Specialist.

If you think you may need an accommodation for placement testing, or to make accommodation arrangements, contact Disability Support Services.


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