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Learning Strategies Courses (LS)

Learning Strategies (Tutorial Support) Courses (LS)

Adapted Physical Education Courses (PEA)

Educational Access Courses (EDAC)


Educational Assistance Courses offered through the DSPS Division are designed to enable students with disabilities to compensate for educational limitations and/or acquire the skills necessary to complete their educational objectives.

Although designed for students with disabilities, Educational Assistance Courses are open, on a space available basis, to all De Anza College students who can benefit from the specialized instruction. 

Check the current De Anza Class Schedule for a complete list of this quarter's class offerings and times. Courses are listed under:

  • Learning Strategies  - (LS), - (formerly GUID)
  • Adapted Physical Education - (PEA),
  • Educational Access - (EDAC) - (formerly SPED)


  • LS 200 (.5 Unit) Learning Disability Assessment


  • LS 201 (4 Units) Introduction to Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder
    • For students who have used learning disabilities support services in high school and continuing students with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders. Includes success strategies, guest speakers and legal information. (Fall quarter) 


  • LS 202 (4 Units) Student Success Strategies
    • A student skills class to develop strategies to improve study methods and organizational skills, and self esteem. Special study skills effective for students with disabilities. Good for re-entry students. (Winter quarter)


  • LS 204 (4 Units) Introductory Spelling Strategies
    • In-depth study of word structure and spelling strategies. Improves ability and accuracy to recognize and pronounce unknown words. Improves reading efficiency.


  • LS 207 (4 Units) Introductory Writing and Grammar Skills
    • Covers sentence structure, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, paragraph development and functional editing skills in preparation for EWRT 200 class.


  • LS 209 (4 Units) Arithmetic Skills
    • For students not prepared for Math 210 (pre-algebra). Skill building in decimals, fractions and percents, and math learning strategies.


  • LS 211 (4 Units) Algebra Skills 1
    • For students experiencing math difficulties or needing a refresher course in preparation for Math 210 (pre-algebra). Basic operations using signed numbers, solving equations, variables, expressions, word problem strategies.


  • LS 212 (4 Units) Algebra Skills 2
    • To gain confidence and strategies before enrolling in Math 112 (elementary algebra), Covers polynomials, factoring, algebraic fractions, beginning graphing.




  • LS 218 (1.5 Units) Group Tutorials


  • LS 219 (.5 Units) Instructional Assistance Laboratory


For more information, go to the LD Support Team Homepage.

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  • PEA 1X  (1 unit)  Adapted Total Fitness --
    • Development and maintenance of strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness


  • PEA 2X (1 unit) Adapted Strength Development --
    • Development and maintenance of muscular strength


  • PEA 4X (1 unit) Adapted Aerobic Fitness --
    • Adapted Cardiovascular Training development and maintenance of cardiovascular fitness


  • PEA 5X (1 unit) Adapted Aquatic Fitness --
    • Development and maintenance of aquatic fitness


  • PEA 6Y (1.5 units) Adapted Outdoor Education --
    • Accessible outdoor experiential education for students with disabilities.  Field experiences to be arranged quarterly may include hiking, camping, kayaking, rafting, sailing, etc.  Wilderness safety, local flora and fauna, personal and physical skill development in the out of doors.

For more information on the Adapted Physical Education program, go to the APE Homepage.

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  • EDAC 240 (.5 Unit) Technology Access Evaluation for Special Needs Students
    • Introduction to the Computer Access Lab where you will learn what assistive technology will help you use computers or read and write more effectively.


  • EDAC 245 (2 Units) Technology Access for Special Needs Students (Windows)
    • A basic computer orientation and introduction to Microsoft Word with an emphasis on using assistive technology in a classroom setting.


  • EDAC 290X (.5 Unit) Technology Access Practice for Special Needs Students
    • Development of the assistive technology skills you need to succeed in your courses. For students continuing to use the Computer Access Lab for a minimum of 18 hours for the quarter.


  • EDAC 290Y (1 Unit) Technology Access Practice for Special Needs Students
    • Development of the assistive technology skills you need to succeed in your courses. For students continuing to use the Computer Access Lab for a minimum of 36 hours for the quarter.


For more information, go to the Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL) Homepage.


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