Kelly Simons
Part-Time Faculty Instructor


Physical Education

Classes I Teach

Fall 2019

25543KNES 15E3Cardiovascular and Strength Training
25544KNES 19A3Strength Development
23668KNES 22A1Hatha Yoga
23669KNES 22B1Yoga for Relaxation
25208KNES 32A62Beginning Tennis
25209KNES 32B62Advanced Beginning Tennis
25210KNES 32C62Intermediate Tennis

Summer 2019

12174KNES 22A3Hatha Yoga
12173KNES 22B1Yoga for Relaxation
12754KNES 22E61Yoga/Pilates Combo
12740KNES 26A61Basic Pilates Mat Exercise
12152KNES 32A1Beginning Tennis
12153KNES 32B1Advanced Beginning Tennis
12381KNES 32C3Intermediate Tennis
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