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Cheryl Owiesny
Head Women's Soccer Coach


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Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Spring 2019

46246KNES 9AX64ZInteractive Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Tracking 1
44652KNES 37AX1Soccer
45099KNES 37BX1Soccer Level 2
44653KNES 37CX1Soccer Level 3
44654KNES 37DX1Soccer Level 4
44773KNES 4564ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
44774KNES 50A64ZOrientation to Lifetime Fitness
44775KNES 50AL64Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Center Laboratory
44810KNES 5264ZPhysical Stress Management
42065PE 32S2Women's Soccer Techniques

Winter 2019

35278KNES 37AX2Soccer
35279KNES 37BX2Soccer Level 2
35280KNES 37CX2Soccer Level 3
34737KNES 4563ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
35563KNES 4566ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
32282PE 32S1Women's Soccer Techniques
35512PE 32S2Women's Soccer Techniques
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