Arden Kragalott


Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Winter 2020

36552KNES 15C1Total Fitness
34139KNES 15EX1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
35917KNES 15EX7Cardiovascular and Strength Training
35919KNES 15FX2High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT
36551KNES 19A3Strength Development
35918KNES 19DX5Resistance Training 1
34142KNES 19EX1Body Sculpting
35868KNES 4564ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
35380KNES 5362YHealth and Fitness

Fall 2019

24681KNES 15FX1High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT
24201KNES 16AX2Fit Camp
24200KNES 19AX5Strength Development
23469KNES 19DX1Resistance Training 1
23436KNES 19EX2Body Sculpting
23456KNES 19EX3Body Sculpting
23476KNES 4565ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
25352KNES 4566ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
25353KNES 531YHealth and Fitness
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