Arden Kragalott


Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Spring 2019

45608KNES 15C1Total Fitness
45609KNES 16A2Fit Camp
45651KNES 16A3Fit Camp
45652KNES 19D4Resistance Training 1
45653KNES 19E2Body Sculpting
46140KNES 19G1Core Conditioning
44621KNES 451YIntroduction to Kinesiology
45107KNES 4565ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
45118KNES 532YHealth and Fitness

Winter 2019

34139KNES 15EX1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
35917KNES 15EX7Cardiovascular and Strength Training
35919KNES 15FX2High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT
35918KNES 19DX5Resistance Training 1
34142KNES 19EX1Body Sculpting
35868KNES 4564ZIntroduction to Kinesiology
35380KNES 5362YHealth and Fitness
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