Dining Service

Dining Services

Available Student Positions

Currently we do not have any positions open for Summer quarter, however, we are taking applications for Fall quarter.

Student Schedule and Application

We are currently taking applications for Spring Quarter 

If interested please email the following address ninenila@deanza.edu(see student application form on the web site, or drop in to the office in the Dining Services office behind the Cafeteria between 9am - 1pm from September 19th.

Put "Student Jobs" in the subject.

We need to know your schedule - when you are available - not when you are in class.

If you have worked for Dining Service last quarter, please come in and confirm your schedule between 9am - 1pm from September 19th or email to the following address ninenila@deanza.edu

Looking forward to hearing from you....

Get prepared for working and making many friends in Dining Service - think about it, you will meet the whole campus in two days.


dINING sERVICes oFFICE Building: Campus Center
Contact: Patrick Gannon
Phone: 408.864.8515

Last Updated: 3/8/16