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Current DASB Senate Accomplishments

The term of the 2012-2013 Senate began on June 5th, when they and the Student Trustee Vincent Mendoza were officially sworn in at the 2012 DASB Awards and Inauguration Ceremony. There, the past shook hands with the present as old Senators passed on the torch to the new Senators.


2012-2012 DASB awards and Inauguration



As Fall rolled around, the new Senate went on the offensive and set three goals: to be an efficient government, to provide quality services to De Anza, and most importantly, to always look out for the interest of students.

The Senate began by welcoming new students to De Anza through music (brought by the Diversity & Events Committee), and volunteering with Student Trustee Vincent Mendoza by giving out directions to classes at many on-campus stations. 




Additionally, the Student Rights and Services Committee took the lead and organized the "Fresh Project." its goal was to give out snacks and information to students that needed help. That committee was, of course, helped by the entire senate.



On that note, the 2012 November Elections became the Senate's first collective project. After unanimously endorsing Proposition 30 (a tax proposition that raised money for education) the Senate relentlessly registered students to vote, informed students about the propositions on the ballot, and gave classroom presentations about Proposition 30.

Throughout the months of October and November, Student Rights and Services Committee worked hard to bring attention to Proposition 30 and the November Propositions by organizing freeze mobs and tabling in the Main Quad.



Right before elections, the Marketing Committee also organized a "Red Alert on Prop 30" rally in the main quad.



While this was all happening, the Student Rights and Services Committee worked hard to bring about new student discounts with Subway, Coldstones, and Coffee Society.

Not to be outdone, the Finance Committee changed the requirements for the DASB scholarships, and together with the Marketing team, worked on increasing the number of people applying for the DASB scholarships.


Some of things that the Diversity and Events Committee planned Fall 2012 are the Diwali Festival, Scary Movie Night, Late Night Coffee and Hot chocolate, and cosponsored the Costume Contest with the book store, and Mystic Dance with the ICC (Inter Club Council). They also brought live music to the De Anza stage at various times in the quarter.


diwalyflyer      scarymovienight




The Environmental Sustainability Committee also organized a Campus Clean-up day to promote environmental friendliness and clean up the litter around school.




In Winter, the Diversity and Events Committee kicked off strong with events happening almost every week. Some of the notable events were the DASB Laser Show, Lunar New Year, the 2-day Valentine's Day Celebration, and Scantron Giveaway.

valentine'sdayboardvalentine'sdaycelebrationlunarnewyear1  lunarnewyear2lunar new year3

The Marketing Committee also bumped up their efforts to market out the Senate and its events by utilizing the facebook page a lot more and creating new pamplets so that students can know how to get involved at De Anza College. They hosted another Meet your Senate Day, this time deciding to have it on ICC's Club Day.



By far the biggest event of the quarter, which involved the meticulous planning of the Student Rights & Services Committee, the aggressive marketing of Marketing Committee and the help of the entire Senate: March-in-March.


This year's statewide protest against the cuts in education was held on March 4th, and brought together thousands of Californian students from different backgrounds and cultures to protest against the common pain felt from the continual cuts to public education.




Afterward, the Environmental Sustainability Committee held another Campus Clean-up Day, rallying students together in the same spirit of green and eco-friendliness and drew people out the first time.




However, the work of the Senate's various committees could not have been done without the work of the Administration Committee, that reviews all the Committee's codes (rules), sets office policy and rules by which Senators follow, and allows the student government to run smoothly.



As the Winter quarter came to a close, and the term of the 2013-2013 Senate approached, the Elections Committee was formed. Its sole purpose was to oversee the the elections for new new 2013-2014 Senate. So if you would like to be write next year's story, run in the elections!





However, the 2012-2013 Senate term isn't over yet, so stay tuned! 





DASb Senate Office
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Phone: 408.864.8694/8429

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