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Talking Green

Do you think that our campus is where it needs to be in terms of environmental sustainability?

Tell us what you think during our Fall 2013 Talking Green event!

Thursday, Oct. 17
12:30-2:30 p.m.
Campus Center,
Conference Room A&B

2013-2014 DASB ES committee members

What happens to De Anza's trash?
The 2013-2014 DASB ES committee toured RockTenn in San Jose this summer to find out. Come hear what they learned!

Talking Green

Students, faculty, staff and administrators at De Anza have successfully organized to bring you services like the SmartPass, solar panels for energy, shade in the parking lots, and your very own Kirsch Center, a Leed Platinum certified building that teaches about environmental sustainability.

These are all huge accomplishments that got our campus moving in an environmentally sustainable direction, and we would like to follow in their footsteps to continue striving for a truly sustainable campus.

What do you all think about taking a hard look at our campus, and with the help of other students, to figure out ways that we can make sustainable improvements in different areas?

This event is just for that! We will be developing our understanding of the environmental changes that have resulted from taking action.

We will include diverse topics from our consumption to our waste management and transportation and much more.

Hear speakers from Recology, Transition and the Kirsch Center.

Please join in this important conversation! Pizza will be provided for lunch. Sponsored by the DASB Environment and Sustainability Committee.

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DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee
Building: Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level

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