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De Anza Associated Student Body

Meeting Time: Mondays at 11:30PM
Meeting Place: Senate Conference Room

Chair of  Environmental Sustainability

Karla Xitlalli Navarro 

Email address:

Function of the Environmental Sustainability Committee:

Hello all, this year the environmental sustainability is working on promoting awareness, exciting the student body, and mobilizing students to get involved!

We are organizing educational and fun events, workshops, movie nights, and working on making our campus more sustainable. We are also working on collaborating on campus with student groups, clubs, and off campus groups.

Enviornmental sustainability

Enviornmental sustainability


The DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee consists of the following voting members:

Vice Chair: Luis Flores 

Senators: Sneha Santosh, Vinay Kowshik, Saif Adeeb, Tiara Hudyana, Benjamin Pacho, Eric Diaz-perez

Interns: Matthew Tokuno, Hien Trinh, Matthew Estolano

And the following ex-officio members:

  • Advisor - John Cognetta

Meeting Agenda: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.

Meeting Minutes: Please see Bulletin Board on the Lower level of campus center.

Coming Soon Online Agendas and Minutes

DASB Environmental Sustainability Code

DASB Environmental Sustainability Committee
Building: Hinson Campus Center, Lower Level
Phone: 408.864.5432 x3746

Last Updated: 12/9/13