Title III

Title III


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Faculty Resources

  • Math -- Find more information about current projects, tools and updates.
  • Language Arts -- Find out more information about current projects, tools and updates.

Student Resources

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Student Success Center

  • Academic Skills Center: 1/2 unit self-paced courses in Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Basic Math, Spelling, and Study Skills. 1/2 unit Adjunct Study Skills courses linked to content courses.
  • Tutorial Center: Trained tutors provide weekly, drop-in and group and tutoring in courses such as foreign language, accounting, business, language arts and social sciences. Online tutors are also available.
  • Math and Science Tutorial Center: Trained tutors provide weekly, drop-in and group tutoring in math & science courses.
  • Writing and Reading Center: Peers, instructors, and para-professionals provide drop-in, on-demand individual tutoring. Help provided on writing and reading tasks for students in any course at any level.
  • English Writing Readiness Lab: Required co-requisite courses coordinated by the English department to support development courses.
  • Reading Readiness Lab: Required co-requisite courses coordinated by the Reading department to support development courses.
  • Listening and Speaking Labs: Tutoring and small group learning opportunities for second language students. Learning through technology enhanced instruction and language exchange programs, including Cross Cultural Partners, Language Partners, and others.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Readiness Lab: 1/2 to 1 unit small-group courses provide students with practice and support in basic writing and grammar. Help students raise their English writing and grammar skills level to college standards.
  • Instructional Computing Labs: Self directed learning, software, online resources and facilities for technology enhanced instruction to improve students’ academic literacy and communication skills.

Student Services

Student Cohorts and Communities

  • Student Success & Retention Services: Counseling and transfer services for students with historically low retention and transfer rates.
  • Cross Cultural Partners: Pairs local students who seek and intercultureal experience and ESL students who seek to improve their language proficiencey in order to share culture and exchange language.
  • Math Performance Success Program (MPS): A year long cohort program to help students succeed in math.
  • Puente Project: A cohort program designed to accelerate university transfer by combining English instruction, counceling, and mentoring.
  • Learning in Communities (LinC): An interdiciplinary learning communities program comprising linked courses and a cohort of students exploring topics and themes from multiple perspectives.
  • Renew: Assists returning students who have a significant break in their education.
  • International Student Office: Assists international students with registration, orientation, and counceling services.
  • DeAnza Associated Student Body (DASB): Represents the students' interest on college and district committees developing college policies.
  • Student Clubs: Organized by students to share a wide range of interests including: academic honor, community service, diversity, political, religious, special interest, sports.



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