Title III

Title III

General Information

Mission and Vision

De Anza's Title III mission is to increase the access, retention, persistence, and success of developmental students so they can reach and continue in college-level instruction.

De Anza's Title III vision is to develop English and Math success centers blending instructional and student support strategies; implementing and institutionalizing a comprehensive program for retention and transition of high-risk students into college-level courses.


The History of Title III and De Anza

The current Title III proposal, which received funding from the Federal Government in August of 2007, is the latest of several previous proposals. Three extensive proposals were submitted in the 1990’s but did not qualify for funding. In the Fall of 2002, the current proposal was initiated with many of the activities identified in the three previous proposals. Many revisions and additions were made to the previous proposals after consultation with numerous basic skills constituencies throughout the College. This proposal, submitted in 2003, also did not qualify but was rewritten, revised, and submitted again in 2004 but once again barely missed obtaining the qualifying score. In 2005, no new proposals were accepted by the Federal Government, but once again, in 2006, De Anza submitted a newly revised proposal. That year, De Anza earned a 98.6 score out of a possible 100 but again was not funded because other schools had even higher scores. However, in 2007, the Title III authority decided not to have a new competition but instead to fund applicants from the previous year whose scores were sufficiently high. De Anza was at the top of the list and thus received announcement of funding in August of 2007 for the proposal that had been submitted in June of 2006.



U.S. Department of Education Information

[Title III is a grant that] helps eligible Institutions of Higher Education to become self-sufficient and expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of eligible institutions. Funds may be used for planning, faculty development, and establishing endowment funds. Administrative management, and the development and improvement of academic programs also are supported. Other projects include joint use of instructional facilities, construction and maintenance, and student services.

- U.S. Department of Education. Title III Part A Programs Strengthening Institutions. Retrieved 08/27/08, from http://www.ed.gov/programs/iduestitle3a/gtepiduestitle3a.pdf

Title III
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