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What the DARE members say about serving on the Taskforce....

“I love the enthusiasm of DARE members for enhancing our students' experience, the collaboration of Instruction and Student Services, and the focus on improving access and retention for underprepared students across the campus.”-- Kathleen Moberg, Dean, Admissions and Records


“I appreciate the breadth of experience and knowledge found in this dedicated group of De Anza faculty, staff, administrators and students, conversing and working together as a team, for what's best for our students. Very inspiring.”  -- Julie Ceballos, Web Content Developer


“Being on DARE allows me the opportunity to work with people from instruction, student services, students, administrators, classified professional, and faculty around a common goals: students that place at the basic skill level. I love having the chance to meet and work with others that I might not come in contact if I wasn't on the committee.” -- Truly Hunter, EOPS Counselor

"I love that DARE concentrates its energy entirely on increasing the success of the students in our developmental classes. Given that a majority of our students go through some developmental classes, it's hard to believe that a campus wide group discussing the issues affecting them was formed so recently. Through DARE, I have been able to work collaboratively with colleagues from other campus areas, bringing into focus a common purpose." -- Doli Bambhania, Math Instructor

“Being on DARE has been a real treat for me to be involved in and we are doing work that is both challenging but necessary: coordination across divisions and units of our campus to ensure the success of all of our students, no matter what their academic or career goals may be.”

 -- Jim Nguyen, Faculty, Asian American Studies & Political Science

“Serving on the DARE Taskforce has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to share innovative ideas with an incredible, creative and highly committed group of co-workers.” -- Cindy Lister, Academic Advisor, SSC


“What I like about the DARE Taskforce is that it is an opportunity to learn and understand the basic skills challenges and opportunities that face special needs students (economically disadvantaged, limited English proficient, single parents/CalWORKs, displaced homemakers, students with disabilities, non-traditional students and dislocated workers) enrolling into Career Technical Education programs and the services, programs and classes.” -- Daniel Dishno, Occupational Training Institute (OTI) Supervisor


“What I like about being on the DARE task force is examining developmental-education issues from  multidimensional perspectives.”

-- Cheryl Woodward, Counselor


"The best part of DARE is the chance to talk openly with people you wouldn't ordinarily cross paths with in the course of your daily work, but who have new perspectives on the issues we all care about so much.  We all get passionate when we talk about helping students, and these meetings are lively and inspiring.  People always talk about how important it is for student services and instruction to work together, and in DARE that is really happening." -- Diana Alves-De-Lima, Student Success Center (SSC) Director


"DARE gives me another opportunity to serve our students.  The Taskforce
promotes a culture of inquiry and reflection of college practices that
support student success in our pre-transfer courses.  I am inspired by my
colleagues on the Task force and their commitment to our students."

-- Rowena Tomaneng, Associate Vice President of Instruction DARE Co-Chair


“The DARE Taskforce members bring the utmost enthusiasm and compassionate dedication for all students to succeed. Being a new member of the De Anza familia and the DARE task force, I love the camaraderie and campus-wide commitment of this diverse group of students, staff, faculty, and administrators.”

 -- Melissa Aguilar, Instructional Support Technician



Our Students. Our Students. Our Students.


Our Success. Our Future.

And Ultimately.

Our Goal.


“I enjoy the collaboration with the various groups on campus. This is one committee that I know can make a difference for our students who need the resources to build a strong foundation to reach their educational and personal goals. -- Phong Lam, Academic Advisor, SSC

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