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Assessment Practices Report

In spring 2010, a subcommittee of the task force developed and administered student surveys and conducted focus groups to learn about students’ experiences with the existing Assessment processes.

The subcommittee assembled this data along with a review of the state’s legal requirements for placement tests and a review of assessment practices at other local peer colleges. The report was reviewed and critiqued by DARE task force members and in Winter and Spring 2011 the revised draft was circulated for feedback in Physical Science Math and Engineering and Language Arts Divisions where developmental Math, Reading, Writing and English as Second Language courses are taught. Stakeholders from across the campus were engaged to give feedback on the report.

The data gathering, research and campuswide feedback resulted in a set of recommendations to improve De Anza’s Assessment processes. Some of the recommendations have been implemented through use of funding provided by the BSI and Title III grants. Legislative changes at the state level and budgetary constraints will impact and challenge the implementation of some of the recommendations, but Dare Task Force is committed to supporting effective assessment practices to increase students’ success and academic achievement.

Recommendations in the Report

  • Education and Communication about Assessment and Placement Practices
  • Placement Test Preparation
  • Refining Placement Tests & Test Evaluation
  • Integration of Assessment Process with Counseling and Advising

Read the full Assessment Practices Report at http://www.deanza.edu/dare/presentations.html

Education and Communication about Assessment and Placement Practices
  • Provide more information and produce materials for new students regarding the importance of preparing for placement testing and the impact placement tests have on academic progress and success. Make the materials available campuswide. (handouts, brochures, video etc.)
  • Update Assessment web site for clarity and additional resources

STATUS: Student Services produced a video “Getting Started” to educate students and staff about the enrollment and assessment processes. Video is posted on the De Anza College web site home page. The Assessment Department has developed new materials for students and campus staff and the web site pages have been redesigned to provide enhanced information and advisements. There is a link on the Assessment web site to the video.

FOLLOW-UP: Continue to update information on Assessment processes through website and handouts to communicate important campus and state legislative requirements and any changes to Assessment process and policies.

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