Developmental & Readiness Education

Basic Skills Initiative Overview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the goal behind BSI? The BSI is designed to ensure that developmental level education (i.e. basic skills) is a major focus and an adequately funded activity of the California Community Colleges.

What does the research say? Current research clearly indicates that issues of student equity, particularly as they relate to students of color and students from lower socio-economic levels, must be addressed in order to ensure that all community college students can achieve their academic goals. Please read more about the DeAnza Student Equity Plan.

Where can I read more about the BSI? Please visit BSI Background Info for more information on BSI and links to other helpful websites.

What if I want to talk to someone at De Anza about BSI? Visit the BSI contact section to review a list of campus co-chairs and team leaders who can give you more information about BSI.

What are the effective practices? There are four effective practices as show below. Please visit BSI Background Info for more detailed information about each of these practices.

  • Organizational and Administrative Practices
  • Program Components
  • Staff Development
  • Instructional Practices


Last Updated: 6/13/17