Tips for a Successful Event

Plan Ahead

Step 1: Select a date and time that are likely to work well for most of your target audience.

  • If the event is outdoors, identify an alternative rain date and location.
  • Determine that any desired presenters and senior staff members are available at the chosen time.
  • Check the online Events Calendar for conflicting events.

Step 2: Reserve the location. Ensure that the size, layout and technology available for the site are appropriate for the nature and goals of your event. Contact the appropriate person or office:

Step 3: Contact the district ETS to schedule assistance if you have complex technology needs for a large event. Use the ETS Help Form.

Spread the Word

Step 1: Invite individual colleagues and contacts as soon as possible.

  • Send invitations via both email and Outlook calendar invitation. If you hold events regularly, create an Outlook group list to use for future invitations.
  • Include all managers on an invitation to a large event and request that they forward details to their staff, department or division.
  • Contact the President's Office at to ensure that all senior staff members are notified of the event.

Step 2: Invite faculty members to bring their classes or give extra credit, as appropriate, for student attendance.

Step 3: Contact the Office of Communications  as soon as you have confirmed details. Send an email to with the following

  • Name of event
  • Dates
  • Start and end time
  • Cost of admission
  • Location including building and room
  • Event organizer and any sponsors
  • Organizer contact – please provide name, email and phone number
  • Photo – if you have a high-resolution image in .jpg or .png format that might be used for promoting the event.

Depending on the timing, type of event and other workload, the Communications Office may be able to assist with

  • Creating a flyer, poster or webpage
  • Posting on the campus events calendar
  • Promoting on social media
  • Notifying local news media

Step 4: Announce your event in any relevant governance, department or other group meetings, as well as relevant classes.

Step 5: Contact La Voz at about a listing in the newspaper calendar, requesting news coverage or purchasing an advertisement.

Step 6: Consider creating a Facebook event page for a large event with sufficient lead time.

Step 7: Create a flyer if  you think it will be helpful – after considering the printing cost, design quality and environmental impact. Distribute the flyer through the mailroom and division offices.


If you cancel or change your plans, immediately notify the Office of Communications and all invitees. 

Project Requests

Please use the Web, Print and Communications Services Project Request Form if you need assistance with a communications project, such as

  • Creating a webpage or making extensive changes to an existing page
  • Designing and printing brochures, flyers or posters
  • Developing a publicity campaign
  • Planning a large or complex event
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