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So... Inspired you, did we?? Well, brace yourself because here is a lot more to fascinate you. We proudly present the pride of the ICC: The De Anza Clubs!!!!

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Meeting Schedule

4 Elements Hip Hop Club

For anyone to participate, perform, and learn the Hip-Hop culture, whether you live it through your daily life or just want to experience this beautiful art for the first time.
Club Constitution: 4Elements.docx
Email: 4ElementsHipHop@gmail.com
Laquisha Beckum, BeckumLaquisha@deanza.edu
Mctate Stroman, StromanMctate@deanza.edu

300! (Bowling Club)

Our main purpose of the club is to enjoy bowling and make new friends! Furthermore, communicate and share cultures with other members.
Club Constitution: 300.docx
Email: fineforever1228@gmail.com
Facebook: 300-Bowling Club
Jackson Yan, YanJackson@deanza.edu

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Meeting Schedule

Active Community Engagement (ACE)

The purpose of the club is to provide accessible community service activities every week, and to bring campus and community awareness to our club members.
Club Constitution: ACE.docx
Email: acedeanza.@gmail.com
Facebook: De Anza's Active Community Engagement Club
Byron Lily, LillyByron@deanza.edu, 408-864-8431

Anime Club

To inform and expose its members to the animated art form known as anime through discussions, viewings and outings.
Club Constitution: Anime.docx
Charles Ramskov, RamskovCharles@deanza.edu, 408-864-8853

Anti-Bullying Club (ABC)

The purpose of this club is to stop bullying by education and empowering students. Members can boost self-confidence, learn to appreciate each other, encourage acceptance and spread love in De Anza and the community.
Club Constitution: ABC.docx
Melissa Aguilar, AguilarMelissa@deanza.edu, 408-864-5422
Ricardo Delgado, DelgadoRicardo@deanza.edu, 408-864-8681


The purpose of this club is to obsessively cover and review the latest news and apps of the mobile world and discuss how the company performs globally, and also to assist and help first time smart-phone users.
Club Constitution: Apple-N-Droid.docx
Email: apple.n.droid2013@gmail.com
Facebook: Applendroid
Mark Fu, FuMark@deanza.edu, 408-864-8813

Asian Pacific American Students for Leadership (APASL)

Welcome to APASL! We try our best to encourage students to learn more about the culture and contemporary issues of the Asian Pacific Islander community. Our mission is to promote Asian Pacifica American student empowerment and leadership through community involvement.
Club Constitution: APASL.docx
Email: apasldeanza@gmail.com
Website: apasl.org
Facebook: Asian Pacific American Students for Leadership
James Nguyen, NguyenJames@deanza.edu
Mae Lee, LeeMae@deanza.edu
Christine Chai, ChaiChristine@deanza.edu

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The purpose of the ACM club is to foster student interest and promotte extracurricular activities in the field of computer science. We want to provide all students with any kind of interest in computing a welcoming and learning environment where they can really bond and develop deeper interests in computer science.
Club Constitution: ACM.docx
Email: acmdeanza@gmail.com
Manish Goel, GoelManish@deanza.edu

Auto Technology

To further interest and enjoyment in the Auto Technology program and department.
Club Constitution: AutoTechnology.docx
Pete Vernazza, VernazzaPete@deanza.edu, 831-408-8216
Dave Capitolo, CapitoloDave@deanza.edu, 831-408-8312
Rick Maynard, MaynardRick@deanza.edu, 408-864-8704

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Meeting Schedule

Badminton Club

The purpose of this club is to introduce badminton to De Anza students, and to embed sportsmanship. Also, offer a place where people cal learn badminton skills from each other and to have fun.
Club Constitution: Badminton.docx
Email: deanzabc@gmail.com
Mark Landefeld, LandefeldMark@deanza.edu, 408-864-8541

Ballet Folklorico

Ballet Folklorico is a way to connect to the Mexican culture through dance and music. Members will have the opportunity to learn different styles of dance while building community with others.
Club Constitution: BalletFolklorico.docx
Alicia Cortez, CortezAlicia@deanza.edu, 408-864-8365

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Meeting Schedule

Cheer and Dance Team

The purpose of this club is to establish a sport-like activity where students and athletes will be supporting teams to increase school spirit. Club members will perform cheers and direct the audience at games and Club Day events, as well as someday competing nationally for the promotion of spirit and sportsmanship.
Club Constitution: CheerAndDance.docx
Email: CheerCoachCJ@comcast.net
C. J. Jones, JonesCJ@deanza.edu, 408-864-8594
Melodie Cheney, CheneyMelodie@deanza.edu, 408-864-8342

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

The purpose of the club is to organize Chinese students, create a unity among Chinese community, publicize, promote and expand Chinese culture among general public.
Club Constitution: CSA.docx
Email: deanzacsa@gmail.com
Website: www.dragonxin.com/deanza
Hua-Fu Liu, LiuHuaFu@deanza.edu, 408-864-5324

Christians on Campus

A time used to help students grow in their spiritual life through the study of the Bible and Christian fellowship.
Club Constitution: ChristiansonCampus.docx
Email: cocdeanza@gmail.com
Website: deanzachristians.org
April Pi-Hsiu Phung

Circle K

The purpose of the club is to provide constructive opportunities for students to become involved on campus and in the community through service work to others in need.
Club Constitution: CircleK.docx
Email: deanzacirclek@gmail.com
Website: www.dacki.org
Danny Tran, TranDanny@deanza.edu

Cross Cultural Partners Club (CCP)

The purpose of the club is to support the CCP Program in its efforts to promote global understanding and cross cultural friendships among our members. In addition increase attention towards immigration and promote better international student social experiences. The club provides students opportunities to converse in English.
Club Constitution: CCP.docx
Email: ccpclub.deanza@gmail.com
Webster Hamilton, HamiltonWebster@deanza.edu, 408-864-8999 x3054

Cycling Dons

The main purpose of the club is to foster a community of like-interested individuals, from non-cyclists to novices, all the way to expert, and create an environment founded on community involvement, networking, and activism.
Club Constitution: CyclingDons.docx
Vernon Gallegos, GallegosVernon@deanza.edu, 408-864-8506

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Meeting Schedule


A Club is designed to meet the interests of all majors. "De Anthro” is an interactive, multiplistic and educational group allowing all members to learn and communicate this club includes an environment for meetings, lectures, held trips, and volunteering opportunities.
Club Constitution: DeAnthro.docx
Email: deanzanthropology@gmail.com
Facebook: DeAnthro Club
Isaiah Nengo, NengoIsaiah@deanza.edu
Angel Roque, RoqueAngel@deanza.edu


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in colleges around the globe. Joining DECA allows you to have business experience in creating projects, improvising roles and networking internationally.
Club Constitution: DECA.docx
Email: deanzadeca@gmail.com
Facebook: De Anza DECA
Kevin Mello, MelloKevin@deanza.edu, 408-864-8902

Desi Students Association (DSA)

The diverse South Asian community at De Anza needs a place to unite and work together towards peace and unity. Importance of acceptance and change are a very big part of our club, there are no exceptions and anyone is a part of this global community.
Club Constitution: DSA.docx
Email: sapdeanza@gmail.com
Ameeta S. Tiwana, 408-864-8964

Developers' Guild

The Developers Guild aims to explore Computer Science through hands-on experience. As a guild we strive to become involved with the Silicon Valley community to connect with all the opportunities around us. Members are strongly encouraged to contribute ideas and questions to form a collaborative atmosphere.
Club Constitution: DevelopersGuild.docx
Email: admin@developersguild.net
Website: developersguild.net
Clare Nguyen, NguyenClare@deanza.edu, 408-864-8461

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Meeting Schedule

Economics Club

The purpose of the club is to provide students who are interested in the field of economics the ability to incorporate their economic abilities and understandings into their daily lives .The club will also conduct economic community service experiments as part of the club activity.
Club Constitution: Economics.docx
Monica Thomas, ThomasMonika@deanza.edu, 408-864-8805

Elite Dance Club

We offer an outlet for beginner to advanced Hip-Hop dancers here at De Anza to express and share their talent and passion for dance. We will provide performance opportunities inside and outside of De Anza, and the chance for members to teach their own choreography and to learn from other choreographers (including outside choreographers).
Club Constitution: EliteDance.docx
Paul Setziol, SetziolPaul@deanza.edu, 408-864-8612

Engineering Technology Club

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities and aid to prospective engineering student at De Anza and to promote the field of engineering to the community.
Club Constitution: Engineering.docx
Email: deanzaengineeringclub@gmail.com
Website: www.engineeringclub.tk
Edward Lam, LamEdward@deanza.edu


De Anza eSports was created with the intent of helping members of the De Anza community become more involved as spectators, players, and producers of the eSports community. The club hopes to support as many of the games that contribute to eSports as possible.
Club Constitution: eSports.docx

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Meeting Schedule

Fellowship of Oversea Students

We are a group of Chinese Christians at De Anza College seeking to be Jesus’ witness by caring international students, emphasizing virtuous characters found in the Bible, and supporting one another academically. We welcome you to join us at our weekly meeting at the campus.
Club Constitution: FellowshipofOverseaStudents.docx
Billie Lo
Li Wei Sun, SunLiWei@deanza.edu, 408-864-5329

Film Society

To provide the De Anza community with a network of student filmmakers to produce films and learn filmmaking skills.
Club Constitution: FilmSociety.docx
Email: deanzafilmsociety@gmail.com
Facebook: De Anza Film Society
Aimee Gillette, GilletteAimee@deanza.edu, 408-864-8519

Future Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lamda (FBLA-PBL)

This club is a chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America – Phi Beta Lambda, the largest business career organization in the world. Members will have the opportunity to participate in events, competitions, and seminars and develop useful skills to prepare them for the transition in the business world.
Club Constitution: FBLA-PBL.docx
Email: phibetalambdadeanza@gmail.com
Dan Salah, SalahDan@deanza.edu, 408-864-5563
Tim Ratchford

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Meeting Schedule

Global Financial Analysts

The purpose of this club is to teach De Anza students how to predict the global economy by doing stock market, gold and technical analysis. Basically, this club unites all students who have the same interest in economics and financing field. The goal of this club is to make students understand better and be more prepared about economics so they can have a useful skill for their future.
Club Constitution: GlobalFinancialAnalysts.docx
Gary Niedermier, NiedermierGary@deanza.edu

Grace Fellowship

To study the Bible, to have fun and to experience God's grace together in both Mandarin and Cantonese.
Club Constitution: GraceFellowship.docx
Homer Tong, TongHomer@deanza.edu, 408-864-8678

Green Party

We work together to stand up for student rights and are affiliated with the Young Greens of America. We are the political party for People, Peace, and the Planet.
Club Constitution: GreenParty.docx
Email: dagreenparty@libertypod.org
Meetupedia: DA Green Party
Cynthia Kaufman, KaufmanCynthia@deanza.edu, 408-864-8739
James Nguyen, NguyenJames@deanza.edu, 408-864-5551

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Meeting Schedule

Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)

Provide Hong Kong international students a facility to support each other in cultural adjustment, learning, and expanding social community at the same time.
Club Constitution: HKSA.docx
Email: deanzahksa1415@gmail.com
Facebook: De anza HKSA (2014-2015)
Hwaja Choi

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Meeting Schedule


We are about Inclusion of student, whatever their abilities or disabilities may be. Building De Anza’s community to include everyone and encourage everyone to overcoming our limitations.
Club Constitution: Inclusability.docx
Email: inclusability@riseup.net
Website: inclusability.jottit.com
John Butcher, ButcherJohn@deanza.edu, 408-864-5861
Kevin Glapion, GlapionKevin@deanza.edu, 408-864-8955

International Student Volunteers (ISV)

The purpose of this club is to encourage international students to get involved in the American society through volunteering in school and local community services. All are welcome!
Club Constitution: ISV.docx
Email: daisv2010@gmail.com
Facebook: DAISV
Cleve Freeman, FreemanCleve@deanza.edu, 408-864-8826

International Youth Fellowship (IYF)

The purpose of this organization is to unite the hearts of youth inside of God and to preach the gospel through fellowship, leadership, and cultural understanding.
Club Constitution: IYF.docx
Rob Mieso, MiesoRob@deanza.edu, 408-864-8835

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The Purpose of the Chapter is to establish and advance at De Anza College witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.
Club Constitution: InterVarsity.docx
Website: ivdeanza.weebly.com
Facebook: InterVarsity at De Anza
Sokam Lee, LeeSokam@deanza.edu
Li Wei Sun, SunLiWei@deanza.edu, 408-864-5329

Iranian Student Association

The purpose of this club is to publicize, promote, and educate Iranian culture. Also to represent the voice of Iranian students on campus.
Club Constitution: Iranian.docx
Mehrdad Khosravi, KhosraviMehrdad@deanza.edu, 408-864-5384

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Meeting Schedule

Japanese and American Association (JAA)

An association in which members of Japanese, American, and any background share and celebrate culture with a primary focus being on the similarities and stark contrasts between them. JAA officers do our very best to ensure that we promote both Japanese and American culture through a small little discussion about a certain subject or field of the culture which will give way for both Japanese members and other members to indulge in their curiosity of new aspects, learn more of the different worlds presented in Japan and America, and mainly socialize with those who share the same genuine passion in associating with one another.
Club Constitution: JAA.docx
Email: jaadeanza@gmail.com
Kanako Suda, SudaKanako@deanza.edu, 408-864-8624

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Meeting Schedule

K-Pop Dance Club

K-Pop Dance Club serves to provide members with easy access to the K-Pop through sharing of the latest K-Pop updates and learning to dance to K-Pop music.
Club Constitution: K-PopDance.docx
Email: da.kpop.dance@gmail.com
Rupinder Sekhon, SekhonRupinder@deanza.edu, 408-864-8947

Klorea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC)

KCCC seeks to Win, Build, Train and Send students into the world to fulfill the Great Commission. Our goal is to be equipped to be a channel of blessing and ready to share the good news of Christ. We also hope to lead the next generation to carry the vision throughout soonmoim (small group gathering) spiritual multiplication with the Holy Spirit.
Club Constitution: KCCC.docx
Email: DAKCCC@groups.facebook.com
Website: KCCC
Facebook: DA KCCC <Korea Campus Crusade for Christ>
Paul Setziol, SetziolPaul@deanza.edu, 408-864-8512

Korean Students Association (KSA)

The purpose of the club is to improve the relations between Korean students within De Anza, to help Korean students in De Anza with their school life, and to introduce Korean culture to other De Anza students.
Club Constitution: KSA.docx
Email: deanzaksa@gmail.com
Young Hwa Jung

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Meeting Schedule

¡LEAD! Latina/o Empowerment At De Anza Club

A club for Latina/o students and their allies, ¡LEAD! fosters personal growth, community service and cultural understanding.
Club Constitution: LEAD.docx
Email: latino_empowerment_at_De_Anza@yahoo.com
Marc Coronado, CoronadoMarc@deanza.edu, 408-864-8409

Leo Club

Leo stands for Leadership, experience, and opportunity. Leo club’s mission is to empower student volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.
Club Constitution: LeoClub.docx
Email: leoclubdeanza@gmail.com
Curtis Kifer, KiferCurtis@deanza.edu
Jamie Joseph

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Meeting Schedule

Marketing Club

The purpose of the club is to bring students who are interested in marketing together, with the objective of helping students grasp the concept of marketing and its importance in any business.
Club Constitution: Marketing.docx
Email: deanzamarketingclub@gmail.com
Emily Garbe, GarbeEmliy@deanza.edu

Mathematics Club

The purpose of the club is to train the De Anza math team for AMATYC Contests, recruit students with mathematical curiosity and assist students with their math projects.
Club Constitution: Math.docx
Sithparran Vanniasegaram, VanniasegaramSithparran@deanza.edu, 408-864-8583

Medical Outreach Association

The Medical Outreach Association engages prospective health and medical students to explore the field through philanthropic activities and outreach in public health. Organizations that we support but are not limited to, include the Prosthetic Outreach Foundation and the Stanford – Papua New Guinea-Nepal Medical Project, a branch of Stanford Emergency Medicine International (SEMI). Joining M.O.A. provides members the opportunity to evaluate their interests in medical and health careers.
Club Constitution: MedicalOutreachAssociation.docx
Email: deanzamoa@gmail.com
Facebook: Medical Outreach Association
Gregory Druehl, DruehlGregory@deanza.edu, 408-864-8598
David Hamilton, HamiltonDavid@deanza.edu

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Meeting Schedule


The purpose of the club is to arouse student understanding and knowledge of the financial world nowadays, especially the major three stock markets and trading ports of the globe, New York, London and Hong Kong. To better equip our members, we also examine the political and cultural background of these financial centers as they are important factors affecting the world economy.
Club Constitution: New-Lon-Kong.docx
Kristin Skager, SkagerKristin@deanza.edu, 408-864-8477

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Meeting Schedule

Off-Campus Club

The Purpose of the club is to invite international students to have a chance to experience what activities are off campus and to know their city.
Club Constitution: Off-Campus.docx
Susan Cooper

Outdoor Club

Camping, kayaking, backpacking, surfing and other activities. (Most designed for beginners as well as experienced.)
Club Constitution: Outdoor.docx
Email: dac_outdoorclub@yahoo.com
Website: faculty.deanza.edu/donahuemary
Mary Donahue, DonahueMary@deanza.edu

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Meeting Schedule

Permias Indonesian Student Organization (PISO)

An organization to bring all the Permias Indonesian students at De Anza College closer to each other while maintaining and sharing the traditions within the community.
Club Constitution: PISO.docx
Email: indo.student.org@gmail.com
Doli Bambhania, BambhaniaDoli@deanza.edu, 408-864-5382

Philosophy Club

A forum for exchange of ideas, topics, and readings pertaining to philosophy. Members review a selected text before meetings and discuss it critically during meetings. The Club may also engage with philosophy-related events in the community.
Club Constitution: PhilosophyClub.docx
Tono Ramirez, RamirezTono@deanza.edu, 408-864-5327

Physics Club

The purpose of this club is to create an environment of increased understanding for the study of physics and to mature student faculty relationship by creating a physics community.
Club Constitution: Physics.docx
Email: deanzaphysicsclub@gmail.com
David Newton, NewtonDavid@deanza.edu, 408-864-8668

Psychology Club

The De Anza Psychology Club provides opportunities for students with any major to explore the many far-reaching applications of psychology in our community and beyone. Members can attend off-campus explorations, enjoy professional speakers, explore community service opportunities and more within the broad scope of this field.
Club Constitution: Psychology.docx
Email: deanzapsychclub@live.com
Shannon Hassett, HassettShannon@deanza.edu, 408-864-8297
Charles Ramskov, RamskovCharles@deanza.edu, 408-864-8853

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Meeting Schedule

Queer People of Color (QPOC)

QPOC aims to ccreate a safe space for queer people of color and those in solidarity with us to organize, socialize, and discuss issues impacting us as people with intersecting identities while being a support group working to dismantle oppression (including heterosexism, transphobia, racism, and classism in our communities).
Club Constitution: QPOC.docx
Email: deanzaqpoc@gmail.com
Facebook: De Anza's QPOC
Melissa Aguilar, AguilarMelissa@deanza.edu, 408-864-5422
Maristella Huerta Tapia, TapiaMari@deanza.edu, 408-864-5721

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Meeting Schedule

Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club supports, advocates and creates a communbity for the LGBTQI and allies here at De Anza.
Club Constitution: Rainbow.docx
Email: pride.lgbtqa@gmail.com
David Byars, ByarsDavid@deanza.edu, 408-864-8759

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Meeting Schedule

Saltworks Christian Fellowship

To help students develop a deeper relationship with God, build friendships and prepare for life after college.
Club Constitution: Saltworks.docx
Email: sanjkrish87@yahoo.com
Website: www.saltworks-cm.com
Susan Edman, EdmanSusan@deanza.edu, 408-864-8251

Second Journey

Second Journey is a group of people who loves to share the love of Christ to the fellow students who have not heard or experienced the Gospel. Life is a Journey and you can start a new journey with Jesus.
Club Constitution: SecondJourney.docx
Website: www.thesecondjourney.org
Homer Tong, TongHomer@deanza.edu, 408-864-8678

Shotokan Karate

Practices and promotes the Japanese martial art of Shotokan Karate. We are involved in tournaments, demonstrations, workshops and social activities.
Club Constitution: ShotokanKarate.docx
Website: www.daskc.org
Pete Rabbitt, RabbittPete@deanza.edu, 408-864-8352

Social Entrepreneurship Club (SEC)

The De Anza Social Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network will peers and share ideas. The club is dedicated to helping its members develop their entrepreneurial skills whilst giving back to the community.
Club Constitution: SocialEntrepreneurship.docx
Facebook: De Anza Social Entrepreneurship Club
Emanuele Cappello, CappelloEmanuele@deanza.edu, 408-864-5501

Student Nurses Organization (SNO)

Informs, guides and supports nursing students.
Club Constitution: SNO.docx
Website: www.deanzasno.com
Jean Burke, BurkeJean@deanza.edu, 408-864-8897

Students For Justice (SFJ)

The purpose of this club is to promote student awareness of and involvement in political and social issues, particularly those related to diversity and to the self-determination of students.
Club Constitution: SFJ.docx
Cynthia Kaufman, KaufmanCynthia@deanza.edu, 408-864-8739

Sustainability Alliance

The purpose of this club is to engage students in political activism with focus on improving the sustainability of human society and protecting the natural environment, and to participate in statewide CSSC events and projects. The This club will serve as a chapter of the statewide student organization California Student Sustainability Coalition
Club Constitution: SustainabilityAlliance.docx
Email: cssc.deanza@gmail.com
Jim Nguyen, NguyenJames@deanza.edu, 408-864-5551

Swag Script Writers Group

Production, Publication, Performance, Television Writing a Script, Editing a Script, Marketing a Script, Selling a Script, Writing a Teaser Pitch, Writing a Synopsis Pitch, Writing a Treatment Pitch, Writing an Outline Pitch, Screenplays, Stage Plays, Teleplays, Commercials
Club Constitution: Swag.docx
Email: swagscriptwritersgroup@gmail.com
McTate Stroman II, StromanMcTate@deanza.edu, 408-864-8340

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Meeting Schedule

T-Tennis Club

To practice and improve the student playing table tennis skill. Also, this provides the student to have an environment for gathering.
Club Constitution: T-Tennis.docx
Email: DeAnzaTTennisClub@gmail.com
David Newton, NewtonDavid@deanza.edu, 408-864-8668

Taiwanese Association of De Anza College

To unite students from Taiwan, help out students who just arrived, provide information and help on learning, about De Anza, and collects housing information, job opportunities. Further, introduce Taiwanese culture to other diversities.
Club Constitution: TaiwaneseAssociation.docx
Hua-Fu Liu, LiuHuaFu@deanza.edu, 408-864-5324

Team HBV

The purpose of Team HBV is to spread awareness of Hepatitis B virus at De Anza College. The club is partnered with Asian Liver Center at Stanford University and is an official collegiate chapter in the Jade Ribbon Campaign. This club will hold events to empower others with knowledge about Hepatitis B and their own status. This club will also attend events sponsored by the Asian Liver Center.
Club Constitution: TeamHBV.docx
Jimmie Wilson, WilsonJimmia@deanza.edu

The De Anza Network (AKA "The Network")

An all-inclusive club for building students’ and alumni’s social and professional network with peers. With its current 165 registered students and growing, we offer weekly events, training, and informative speakers to assist the academic, SOCIAL, and professional development of our members.
Club Constitution: TheNetwork.docx
Gary Niedermier, NiedermierGary@deanza.edu
Dan Salah, SalahDan@deanza.edu, 408-864-5563
Jackson Yan, YanJackson@deanza.edu

The Reasoning Game Club

By playing reasoning games like Werewolf, Matia, Assasin can improve your ability of logic thinking. Also, make friends and get close with your buddies while playing
Club Constitution: Reasoning.docx
Email: thereasoninggame@gmail.com
Billie Lo

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Meeting Schedule

Ultimate Layout

The purpose of the club is to bring unity among De Anza students by way of the dynamic sport, Ultimate. The club experience will aid students in conquering their goals.
Club Constitution: UltimateLayout.docx
Facebook: De Anza Ultimate Layout
Herminio Hernando, HernandoHerminio@deanza.edu, 408-864-8851

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Meeting Schedule

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Celebrate Vietnamese culture and language through various cultural and traditional activities. Support Vietnamese American students with their educational needs and issues on campus.
Club Constitution: VSA.docx
Email: vsa.dac@gmail.com
Website: VSA De Anza College (Facebook Page)
Facebook: De Anza College Vietnamese Student Association (Facebook Group)
K. D. Le, LeKD@deanza.edu, 408-864-5673

Volleyball Club

The club will focus on the significant team sport qualities such as sportsmanship and positive attitudes in order to further improve one’s athletic abilities. We will work with each other to work on individual volleyball skills so that each member will be able to play the sport.
Club Constitution: Volleyball.docx
Dawnis Guevara, GuevaraDawnis@deanza.edu, 408-864-8555
Jila Maleksalehi, MaleksalehiJila@deanza.edu

Volunteer of Nature Conservation (VONC)

The purpose of the club is to lead effort to protect and preserve the nature around bay area. Our Club is served with volunteering and also known for providing an opportunity to preserve the environment.
Club Constitution: VONC.docx
Email: volunteerofnatureconservation@gmail.com
Facebook: Volunteer Of Nature Conservation - VONC
Cecilia Hui, HuiCecilia@deanza.edu, 408-864-8383

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Meeting Schedule


The purpose of the club is to not only provide students with volunteer or community engagement opportunities, but also to give the students further motivations for more active dedications with journalism sessions which enable the De Anza students to express their feelings and thoughts about volunteer services.
Club Constitution: WITHUS.docx
Email: clubwithus0513@gmail.com
Cecilia Hui, HuiCecilia@deanza.edu, 408-864-8383

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Meeting Schedule

There are no X,Y or Z clubs at this time.

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