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Notices of Internships and Job Opportunities filter in at all times. Please check here frequently for such opportunities

Need help writing your resume? For assistance please contact Ashley Phillips at or (408)864-5717.

None of these have been vetted so for student safety please give only first name and e-mail as contact information until you have vetted the company.

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  August 23, 2017


 Please follow the link for details and how to apply: 

 I.T. Internship w/ Menlo Park Fire District

 December 7. 2016


 Corovan Corporation

  Lupe Escareno at

      408-678-3200 x1624

 Entry Level IT Technician 

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 June 1, 2016


 Send your resume and cover letter to Nicole Hughett at


 Stack Labs: Hardware Test Internship (Cupertino)
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In addition, the link below gives a view of all internships available in the Bay area. Click button to view.

Link to Internships in Silicon Valley/Bay Area


Foothill-De Anza District Policy:

To be eligible to recruit students for employment employers must:

    Offer jobs that pay a base salary equal to or greater than a minimum wage in compliance with city/county/state/federal labor laws and ordinances. This base salary must take the form of a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly wage, comprised of a set hourly, weekly, or monthly rate.

    Not recruit for jobs that offer commission-only compensation.

    Not require prospective employees to purchase products or services contingent upon their employment with that company.

    Not be involved in a "pyramid" or multi-level type networking structure requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others who recruit others, etc. to sell products or services.

    Provide adequate protection to the employee through Worker's Compensation and/or liability insurance as required by law and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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