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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society417-18

CIS 3 Business Information Systems4 1/217-18

CIS 4 Computer Literacy4 1/217-18

CIS 14A Visual Basic .NET Programming I4 1/217-18

CIS 14B Visual Basic .NET Programming II4 1/217-18

CIS 18A Introduction to Unix/Linux4 1/217-18

CIS 18B Advanced Unix/Linux4 1/217-18

CIS 18C Shell Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 21JA Introduction to x86 Processor Assembly Language and Computer Architecture4 1/217-18

CIS 21JB Advanced x86 Processor Assembly Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 22A Beginning Programming Methodologies in C++4 1/217-18

CIS 22B Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++4 1/217-18

CIS 22BH Intermediate Programming Methodologies in C++ - HONORS4 1/217-18

CIS 22C Data Abstraction and Structures4 1/217-18

CIS 22CH Data Abstraction and Structures - HONORS4 1/217-18

CIS 26A C as a Second Programming Language4 1/217-18

CIS 26B Advanced C Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 27 Programming in C++ for C/Java Programmers4 1/217-18

CIS 28 Object Oriented Analysis and Design4 1/217-18

CIS 29 Advanced C++ Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 30A Introduction to C# Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 30B Advanced C# Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 31 Operating System Concepts517-18

CIS 33A Programming in Perl4 1/217-18

CIS 33B Advanced Perl Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 35A Java Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 35B Advanced Java Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 36A Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java4 1/217-18

CIS 36B Intermediate Problem Solving in Java4 1/217-18

CIS 40 Introduction to Programming in Python4 1/217-18

CIS 41A Python Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 41B Advanced Python Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 50 Introduction to Computers, Data Processing, and Applications317-18

CIS 53 Java for Mobile Development4 1/217-18

CIS 55 iOS Development4 1/217-18

CIS 56 Network Security4 1/217-18

CIS 57 Web Site Administration4 1/217-18

CIS 63 Systems Design4 1/217-18

CIS 64A Database Management Systems4 1/217-18

CIS 64B Introduction to SQL4 1/217-18

CIS 64C Introduction to PL/SQL4 1/217-18

CIS 64D Database Tuning317-18

CIS 64E Introduction to Large Scale Processing Systems417-18

CIS 64F Introduction to Big Data and Analytics417-18

CIS 66 Introduction to Data Communication and Networking517-18

CIS 67A Local Area Networks417-18

CIS 67B Introduction to Wide Area Networking417-18

CIS 73 Unix/Linux Systems Programming4 1/217-18

CIS 74 Computer Software Quality Assurance4 1/217-18

CIS 75A Internet Concepts and TCP/IP Protocols517-18

CIS 75B Internet Programming with TCP/IP4 1/217-18

CIS 75D Enterprise Security Policy Management317-18

CIS 75E Enterprise Emergency Response Planning217-18

CIS 77 Special Projects in Computer Information Systems117-18

CIS 77X Special Projects in Computer Information Systems217-18

CIS 77Y Special Projects in Computer Information Systems317-18

CIS 79 Managing Technology Projects4 1/217-18

CIS 80A Process Management317-18

CIS 82W Current Topics in Computer Information Systems117-18

CIS 82X Current Topics in Computer Information Systems217-18

CIS 82Y Current Topics in Computer Information Systems317-18

CIS 82Z Current Topics in Computer Information Systems417-18

CIS 83 Open Computer Information Systems Laboratory0 1/217-18

CIS 89A Web Page Development317-18

CIS 89C Client-Side Programming with JavaScript4 1/217-18

CIS 89D Rich Internet Application Development4 1/217-18

CIS 95A Project Management - A Practicum517-18

CIS 95B Project Planning and Control - A Practicum417-18

CIS 95C Risk Assessment and Mitigation - A Practicum417-18

CIS 95D Managing Outsourcing - A Practicum317-18

CIS 95E CAPM and PMP Exam Preparation417-18

CIS 95F Managing Cloud Projects417-18

CIS 95G Agile Project Management - A Practicum417-18

CIS 97 FLASH Animation317-18

CIS 98 Digital Image Editing Software (Photoshop)4 1/217-18

CIS 99 Office Software Applications4 1/217-18

CIS 102 Ethical Hacking4 1/217-18

CIS 104 Digital Forensics and Hacking Investigation4 1/217-18

CIS 108 Personal Computer Security Basics4 1/217-18

CIS 170F Windows Administration4 1/217-18

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