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2013-14 Phase Out Schedule for Cantonese Classes

Thank you for your interest in the Cantonese department classes at De Anza College!

Unfortunately, with the combination of state-wide budget reductions for colleges and the lower enrollments in Cantonese classes, De Anza College has scheduled the Phase Out of Cantonese language classes beginning this Fall 2013.

This will be the FINAL year that De Anza College offers Cantonese classes.

The phase out of the Cantonese Program occurs this Academic year, 2013-2014.                      CANT 2 and CANT 3 will be offered each quarter this year only––Fall, Winter, and Spring.             No more Cantonese classes will be offered after the completion of Spring Quarter 2014. 

CANT 1 will be offered Fall 2013 ONLY. If you are a student who has already taken CANT 1 or CANT 2 in high school or at another institution, to accurately assess your past instruction (and support your success in further Cantonese language study), we require a World Languages Prerequisite Clearance to register in CANT 2 or CANT 3.


Please keep in mind that the AY 2013-2014 is the last academic year that Cantonese will be taught at De Anza. Plan your classes accordingly.

We  continue to offer classes in Mandarin. Visit our Mandarin Department Web site to learn more.

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Building: MCC-14
Contact: Jo Ann Okabe-Kubo
Phone: 408.864.8769

Last Updated: 7/23/13