Instructor and student in computer lab

Assistive Computer Technology

Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL)

Located in Advanced Technology Center room AT 203.    Phone: 408.864.5817

Assistive technology courses are taught in the Computer Access Lab (CAL) (see campus map). Assistive technology tools are available for student use in the lab.

Computer Accessibility Lab Rules

1. Do not give the password to anyone who asks you for it. They might not be enrolled in the class and only students enrolled in SPED courses are allowed to use the computers. Giving out passwords violates the district computer use policy and is a serious offense.

2. No eating or drinking is allowed in the lab area. Keep food or drinks you have with you off the table and in your bag or backpack. If you want to eat or drink, take your items outside the lab to do so.

3. If you leave the lab for more than 5 minutes to get a drink or use the restroom, do not leave your belongings unattended on the desks. If you must leave your items in the lab unattended, place them on the floor by the file cabinet. Lab instructors are not responsible for your belongings.

4. The lab is a quiet study area; keep your voice down when talking with others or using speech recognition software.

5. No cell phone usage is allowed. Turn off cell phone ringers before you enter the lab. Leave the lab area to use your phone.

6. All lab computers have the same software installed except those with adjustable tables or scanners. To keep the lab consistent and prevent software conflicts, personal software cannot be installed in the lab.

7. Computers with adjustable tables are reserved for students who need them.

8. Only use computers with scanners when you are scanning materials so the scanners are free for others to use. If you are not scanning, you will be asked to move if a student needs to scan.

9. Save all of your scanned files, including Dragon Naturally Speaking user files, on your USB drive or other file-storage choices. If you save files on the computer, they will be removed with daily cleaning. Lab instructors are happy to help you learn how to use your USB drive or with exploring other file-storage options.

10. Use the printer for your De Anza-related projects only. Do not print double sided as this may jam the printer or block other students from printing. Do not use the printer to print for others. Limit your printing to what you need, keeping the environment in mind.

11. Student laptops are not allowed on the network.

12. The CAL telephone is not for student use, no exceptions.

Students shall also be subject to the following district board policies and administrative procedures found online at

  • Computer Use AP 3250
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities BP 5500
  • Student Code of Conduct AP 5510
  • Student Due Process and Discipline AP 5520
  • Student Grievances AP 5530

Building: AT 203
Phone: 408.864.5817

Last Updated: 11/18/16