Instructor and student in computer lab

Assistive Computer Technology

Tools for Students

Disability Support Services provides a variety of assistive technology tools for student use in the Computer Access Lab.

Learning Disabilities or Cognitive Disabilities
Physical Disabilities
Vision Disabilities
  • Magnifier (Windows 7 zoom function)
  • NVDA (screen reading for Windows)
  • Kurzweil 1000 (scan/read software for visual impairments)
  • OptelecColor CCT//V (video magnifier for the visually impaired)
Math Software
  • Microsoft Word 2010 - Word has built-in support for equation writing and editing.
  • Microsoft Math Add-in for MS Word - This free add-in makes it easy to create graphs, perform calculations, and solve for variables with equations created in Word. 
  • Virtual Pencil - Arithmetic and Algebra are programs designed for individuals who are pencil impaired (blind, motor impaired, or learning disabled)

Computer Access Lab Location

Advanced Technology Center
Room AT 203

Microsoft Word 2007 - Word has built-in support for equation writing and editing.  This is the most useful program for students who need to write equations, but can't write using their hands.  If they have even minimal use of one hand, they can use a trackball to choose symbols from a palate directly into MS Word.  If they have no use of their hands, they can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to enter the keyboard commands that would enter the symbols they need.  Students who are blind can also use JAWS to enter equations by learning the keystrokes they need.  One advantage to this method is that it does not solve the equation like some other math programs so it can be used for homework and testing.  Another advantage is that it is relatively easy to get up and running with Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do math this way if needed.

Building: AT 203
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Last Updated: 1/6/15