Assistive Technology Instructor trains student in computer lab

Assistive Technology

Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL)

Location: Advanced Technology Center, AT-203
Faculty Contact Information: Shri Lakshmanan
Phone: 408.864.5817 | CAL: 408.864.5816

The Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL), provides students, faculty, and staff with information and training on various Assistive Technology (AT) tools and devices.

 Assistive Technology Evaluation & Training

Please email Shri Lakshmanan, to schedule Assistive Technology evaluation, training, or Computer Accessibility Lab Orientation.

Small group workshops and one-on-one training is provided for students on various technologies to support access and specific learning needs.

Assistive technology courses are taught in the Computer Access Lab (CAL). (See campus map).

Visit the Assistive Technology  page for more information on available tools and technologies

Assistive Technologies (AT), are technology tools, hardware, software (high-tech, low-tech, or "no-tech" tools),  that can enhance or improve the ability of persons with disabilities to perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to complete.

The Computer Accessibility Lab (CAL), houses a variety of technologies, hardware, and software tools that support students' unique learning styles, preferences, and needs.

Available AT includes:

  • Text-to-Speech Software: Customizable options enhance learning, reading, writing, and support retention of information
  • Speech Recognition software transcribes dictated or spoken content. Speech Recognition tools enable users with mobility impairments, or those who have difficulty using the keyboard and mouse, due to conditions such as arthritis or RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), create documents, use email, or other computer applications
  • Screen-Readers & Magnification software and tools enable students who are blind or visually-impaired, access and interact with computer applications and online content
  • Note-taking Technologies & Strategies Workshops: Note-taking strategies and related technologies can support student learning and retention. Training includes technology tools and apps such as Sonocent Audio Notetaker, LiveScribe Smartpen, Notability, and Microsoft OneNote.
  • Customizable computer options, specialized keyboards, & mice are available to accommodate students' unique access and learning needs

Contact Shri Lakshmanan, to schedule AT evaluation and training on tools that support your specific learning requirements.

Computer Accessibility Lab Regulations

The Computer Access Lab serves as a quiet, safe, supportive, and shared learning environment for all students.

Please be mindful of the following regulations so that all students benefit from the various Assistive Technology options available, and training provided.

  • Please treat all students, staff, and faculty with respect
  • Handle computers and technologies with care
    • Do not modify or change any computer settings. If you require any specific customization not already provided, please check with the CAL instructor
    • Do not install any software
    • Keep CAL surroundings clean. Food and drinks are not allowed on computer tables
  • Computers with electronic adjustable tables are reserved for students who need them
  • Computers stations with scanners are reserved for students who require scanner functions
  • Printers are reserved for lab use and class-related assignments; please log printing usage on logs provided.
  • Please email Shri Lakshmanan, to schedule AT Training/Evaluation/CAL Orientation appointments, or for any other assistance

Students are subject to the following District Board Policies and Administrative Procedures:

  • Computer Use AP 3250
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities BP 5500
  • Student Code of Conduct AP 5510
  • Student Due Process and Discipline AP 5520
  • Student Grievances AP 5530

 Student Code of Conduct

 All De Anza students are obligated to abide by the Student Code of Conduct Administrative Policy 5510, effective 1/20/06.  (See the DISH Appendices, Foothill De Anza Standards of Conduct for a reprinting of the Policy and its listing of applicable rules and regulations.)

The introduction states:

Foothill and De Anza Colleges consider the following principles essential to their educational mission and community life:

  1. Mutual respect between students, faculty and staff;
  2. Pursuit of studies with honesty and integrity;
  3. Respect for College and personal property; and
  4. Compliance with all rules and regulations.

Students in DSPS are expected to become familiar with and understand the behavioral expectations and standards of the District.  Misconduct in these areas shall subject the student to college disciplinary action, as outlined in AP 5520 - Student Due Process and Discipline.

Accessibility Statement

De Anza College views disability as an important aspect of diversity, and is committed to providing equitable access to learning opportunities for all students. Disability Support Services (DSS) campus office collaborates with students who have disabilities to provide and/or arrange reasonable accommodations.

Our goal is make materials and services accessible to all students. Please contact Shri Lakshmanan, and Disability Support Services (DSS) campus office, if you encounter any accessibility barriers.

Building: ATC, AT-203
Contact: Shri Lakshmanan
Phone: 408.864.5817 | CAL: 408.864.5816


Last Updated: 10/31/17