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Head Coach Mike Riley

Phone: 408.864-8951
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About De Anza Women's Basketball

De Anza College has been one of the most successful community colleges in the state of California, both academically and athletically, over the past twenty-five years. The college has been ranked #1 academically in the state and has been placed in the top 10 in the country.

The women's basketball team has sent more than 80 players to the next level to continue their basketball careers. There has been a 90% transfer rate to four-year colleges of all players who have been part of the women's program.

The minimum number of players to make the dean's list in any year has been 5, with at least one 4.0 student each quarter. We want our players to be prepared for the future and that includes classroom work. What more can a young woman be looking for to help her reach her goals in the classroom and on the court?

De Anza Women's Basketball

CONTACT: Mike Riley
c: 408.864.8951



Last Updated: 12/14/16