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Adapted Physical Education

Program Policies and Procedures

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Attendant Enrollment


  • Regular class attendance is mandatory.
  • Students enrolled in a class that meets 3 times a week may be dropped after nine absences.
  • Students enrolled in a class that meets 2 times a week may be dropped after six absences.
  • Absences due to health or disability related causes may be excused.
  • Consideration and exceptions to the drop policy may be made in extenuating circumstances, in consultation with the APE Instructor.


Parking and Student Drop-off Policy

Adapted Physical Education students must park their vehicles in the college parking lots. The most convenient location is Lot 'C,' on the east side of campus off Stelling Road, near the entrance to the pool and Physical Education complex.

Students with disabilities may park in any staff parking space on-campus only if they display either a:

  • De Anza College 'D' parking permit issued through the Disability Support Services' office


  • California State Department of Motor Vehicle state-issued Disabled Person (DP) "plate" or "placard."

Remember to display your DP placard from the rear-view mirror or dashboard after parking.

The extra-wide 'handicapped' stalls should be reserved for students who use wheelchairs.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-up

Students with severe mobility problems that makes walking or wheeling from Lot 'C' to PE 13 impossible or inadvisable may use the drop-off access road behind gyms PE1 and PE2 (see map) to load and unload students going to and from PE 13.  However, after dropping-off the student, the vehicle must then be parked in Lot 'C' during the student's class period. Vehicles are not permitted to remain in the loading area or in the access road area during classes.

Valley Transit Authority (VTA) 'ACCESS' Paratransit Services

Students taking VTA 'ACCESS'  may be dropped-off and picked-up just outside PE 13 (see map) between PE 1 and the Forum.  It is advisable to set  transportation schedules to coincide with the class schedule, so that student arrives when class starts and departs campus promptly following the end of his or her class period.

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A student who disrupts class may be asked to leave. De Anza College enforces all procedures set forth in the Student Code of Conduct.   For other policies regarding student rights and responsibilities, see the De Anza Catalog.  Appropriate remedial and/or disciplinary steps will be taken when violations occur.


Students in the APE program are responsible for their personal hygiene needs. De Anza College and the APE program does not provide students with a personal care attendant. Students must take responsibility for any necessary dressing and undressing, taking of medications, and getting to and using the bathroom. Such arrangements must be made by the student.

The APE Exercise Assistants' role is only to help APE students with their exercise programs in the classroom. 

Students must not present a health hazard to themselves or others in the classroom. If this is or becomes an issue, the student must make arrangements for a personal attendant to accompany him or her.

The APE staff will provide minor assistance, on a case-by-case basis. For instance, students may be helped to put on or take off a robe, sweat clothes, or slippers down at the pool deck. However, no assistance can be provided in the locker room for dressing or showering.

In an emergency situation, a student may be assisted in getting to the bathroom, but will not be assisted in the restroom itself.  If this need becomes a regular occurrence, a personal attendant must be arranged in order for the student to continue APE enrollment.

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Enrollment in APE classes is reserved for students with disabilities. However, on a space available basis, a person who accompanies a student to class may also register in the class, should they wish to use the facilities and equipment.

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