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Adapted Physical Education

APE Class Descriptions

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Physical Education Adapted courses for students with a verified physical disability

PEA 1X Adapted Total Fitness --
Development and maintenance of strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness
1 Unit
PEA 2X Adapted Strength Development --
development and maintenance of muscular strength
1 Unit
PEA 4X Adapted Aerobic Fitness --
Adapted Cardiovascular Training development and maintenance of cardiovascular fitness
1.5 Units
PEA 5X Adapted Aquatic Fitness --
development and maintenance of aquatic fitness
1 Unit
PEA 6X Adapted Outdoor Education --
Outdoor experiential educational accessible for persons disabilities.  Field experiences to be arranged may include hiking, camping, kayaking, rafting, sailing, etc.  Wilderness safety, local flora and fauna, personal and physical skill development in the out of doors.
1 Unit
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Adapted Physical Education Gym: PE-13
Office: AT-209
Contact: Michael Fosnaugh
Phone: 408.864.8885 sizeplaceholder

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