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Placement Test: English

Is English your second language? If yes, you should take the ESL Placement Test. See more information for full details.

About the Test

The English placement test includes three (3) parts:

  1. 30-minute timed writing sample
  2. Untimed multiple choice test for sentence skills, and
  3. Untimed multiple choice test for reading comprehension

To improve the success of students, the Language Arts faculty has found that students progress best if their reading and writing skills are comparable. Consequently, if your reading placement is lower than your writing placement, you must enroll in the reading course first.

Scheduling Your Test Appointment

  • Tests are given by appointment. Students may test on a stand-by basis if seats are available, but appointments are recommended.
  • Allow a minimum of 1.5 hours to take the English test.
  • Students are advised to take placement test well in advance of registration.

Day of Test

  • Bring Current Valid Photo ID (required)
  • Know your De Anza 8-digit Student ID
  • Arrive at Assessment Office 15 minutes before test time. Confirm your test date and time
  • Bring several #2 pencils

Get Test Results

  • Results are posted on your My Portal Registration Tab under My Records.
  • Results may take 3 or more weeks to be available.


Who should take the English Placement Test?

All students who wish to take English courses should test unless they have:

  • Completed college level English Writing 1A or higher with a "C" grade or higher, or
  • Received a qualifying score of  3 or higher on College Board AP English exams, or
  • Awarded an Associate or Bachelor Degree in the USA.

Students whose strongest language is not English and who have not studied 6 or more years in a school where all courses were taught in English are advised to take the ESL test.

Can course work from other colleges be used to clear English prerequisites?

Students who complete ENGLISH WRITING 1A or higher courses at other colleges ("C" grade or higher) can submit their transcript for review by downloading and filling out the Prerequisite Clearance Request Form. English courses below college level are not used to clear prerequisites. 


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