Accounting Department

Note to Students:  Scheduling of classes within the Accounting department is determined several months in advance of the academic quarter.  Below is a general plan that is followed each year.  However, changes from this plan (both cancellations and additions) may occur due to changes in funding from the state, unexpected demand, availability of instructional personnel, etc.  The schedule is not finalized until it is published in the Schedule of Classes on the De Anza home page.

    Scheduled Offerings
Course Course Name Fall Winter Spring Summer
ACCT 1A Financial Accounting I        
ACCT 1B Financial Accounting II         
Managerial Accounting        
ACCT 51A Intermediate Accounting        
Intermediate Accounting        
ACCT 52 Advanced Accounting        
ACCT 58 Auditing        
ACCT 64 Payroll and Business
Tax Accounting
ACCT 66 Cost Accounting        
ACCT 67A Federal Income Tax        
ACCT 67B Advanced Tax Accounting I        
ACCT 68 Advanced Tax Accounting II        
ACCT 73 Fraud Detection and Deterrence        
ACCT 75 Accounting for Government
and Nonprofit Entities
ACCT 86 Computerized Accounting
ACCT 87AH Computerized Accounting
Programs I (Peachtree - Windows)
ACCT 87AI Computerized Accounting
Programs I (Quickbooks)
ACCT 87AJ Computerized Accounting
Programs I (Microsoft Dynamics GP)
ACCT 88 Excel Spreadsheets for Accounting        
ACCT 105 Basic Financial Accounting Procedures        


Building: F51
Contact: Michael Gough
Phone: 408.864.8622

Or  Kevin Mello

Phone: 408.864.8902


Last Updated: 9/11/12