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Office of Associate
Vice President of Instruction


Rowena Tomeneng

Office of the Associate Vice President of Instruction oversees the Academic Services Division and Learning Resources Division, both of which provide services to faculty, staff and students across campus.



                                                                               Rowena Tomaneng

                                                            AVP of Instruction


Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUO):

Work areas/programs and employees will report that Academic Services programs are serving the Instructional Divisions consistently and effectively.




Rowena M. Tomaneng has been Associate Vice President of Instruction since 2010. A key focus of her teaching and administrative leadership is the fostering of a teaching and learning community that integrates critical pedagogy, multicultural education, and community and civic engagement. She received her B.A. in English from the University of California, Irvine and her MA in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She began her career at De Anza in 1996 as a faculty member in English, Intercultural Studies, and Women’s Studies. She served as the English department chair from 2003-2007, founding Co-Director for the Institute of Community and Civic Engagement from 2006-2008, and Interim Dean of the Language Arts Division from 2008-2010. 


As Associate Vice President of Instruction, Rowena supervises all programs in Academic Services and Learning Resources divisions, which include the Learning in Communities Program, Office of Equity, and Student Success Center.


She also serves as the college’s Grants Administrator for a Title III: Strengthening Institutions Department of Education grant, Asian American Native American/Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) grant, and a California Basic Skills Initiative grant. Beyond De Anza, she serves in an advisory/consultant capacity to California Campus Compact, AACU-NEH Bridging Cultures to form a Nation project, and The Democracy Commitment.


Academic Services

Academic Services Division is working in a collaborative and integrated manner with Student Services and Finance and Educational Resources.


Catalog and Curriculum Office


Equity, Social Justice, & Multicultural Education


Honors Program


Institute of Community and Civic Engagement


LinC (Learning in Communities)


Office of Professional and Organizational Development


Scheduling Office


Tenure Review 


Learning Resources

The Learning Resources Division is working in a collaborative and integrated manner with all Instructional and Student Services Programs.



Biological, Health and Environmental Sciences


Business/Computer Systems


Creative Arts


Intercultural/International Studies


Language Arts


Learning Resources


Physical Education/Athletics


Physical Science/Math/Engineering


Social Sciences and Humanities








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