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De Anza was established in Cupertino on Sept. 11, 1967, as the Foothill Junior College District worked to meet local community demand for a second campus. Planning for De Anza began soon after the district’s first campus, Foothill College, launched in temporary quarters in 1958 and filled to capacity after moving in 1961 to its permanent location in Los Altos Hills.

De Anza campus in 1960sJust four years after approving a $10.4 million bond measure for Foothill, community members readily voted in favor of a second bond measure, in the amount of $14 million, to build De Anza College.

De Anza was constructed on 112 acres of what was once a turn-of-the-century wineproducing estate that the district purchased for $1.1 million.

Guiding principles for the new college called for creating an “open door” institution to serve students with a wide variety of abilities, aptitudes and interests; an atmosphere of “friendly informality between faculty members and students”; and a campus that conveyed a sense of “quiet dignity” and “higher learning.”

From 3,000 students in its first year, De Anza College in 2014 serves more than 21,000 students. Students, faculty and staff reflect the highly diverse ethnicities, cultures and
backgrounds that comprise contemporary Silicon Valley.

From its earliest days, De Anza has embodied a set of fundamental values that remain embedded in its culture. A deep concern for equity and social justice took root during the college’s formative years, influenced by the sweeping social and political changes of the 1960s and 1970s. In intentionally cultivating a new educational community, the founders of what became the Foothill-De Anza Community College District placed a premium on excellence and innovation, and searched out faculty with a passion for teaching.

These foundational values continue to shape De Anza’s institutional character today. They are evident in De Anza’s deep commitment to providing a learning environment that is inclusive and
welcoming to all students, and the college’s concerted effort to achieve educational equity across racial and ethnic groups.

About De Anza
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