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AA-T/AS-T Transfer Degrees

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Follow the links below to learn more about the Transfer Degrees or programs offered by the CSUs.

About the AA-T/AS-T Transfer Degrees

AA-T/AS-T Program Page - Official AA-T/AS-T program page that lists the degrees offered by community colleges and degrees accepted by CSUs
CCC's Chancellor's Office Associate for Degree Transfer - Details the benefits and purpose of AA-T/AS-T and provides links to the history of SB1440's making
SB1440 Legislation - For more information on creating and verifying AA-T/AS-T qualfied courses and on recommending AA-T/AS-T or other options to students.

CSU Priority Admission Consideration - Use this page to find the relation of impacted CSUs, local and non-local student standing, and minimum GPA requirements for SB1440 priority consideration.


CSU Admission

CSUMentor's Filing Status - Use this page to find CSU campuses currently accepting applications and which majors are opened or closed.

CSU Program/Campus Impaction Status - Use this page to find information regarding impacted CSUs and programs.

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